Marko Seppä-Murto

drum carpenter


I really like the sound of a wooden snare drum. It can be warm, thick, powerful, sensitive, vibrant and clear. The whole spectrum is present.

In January 2020 I was after a certain wooden snare for the forthcoming recording session. The tone of the snare should be warm and thick but not too stuffy. I tested three drums: first one was a bit too bright and two others suffered from damped high frequencies. All the drums were  decent though; the job could be done with every of those. But what if “decent” is not enough?

In March 2020 I finished the first snare drum designed and manufactured by myself. It sounded warm and thick and it had very sparkling yet elegant top end. Coincidence? No.

I knew that the sturdiness of the oak combined with the dark tone of the mahogany will result in a warm and solid bottom end with a beautiful and sophisticated high end.

The story of Drum Carpenter had begun. 

Tell me your sound preference for the snare drum and I will make you one!

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